Is Private Labeling Cleaning Products the Right Fit for You?

Have you been considering selling cleaning products to launch a brand or expand your brand through a private label? HG Laboratories’ Brightly Green products are a great fit for companies seeking to private label all-natural cleaning products.  

In this article you’ll discover:

We’ve learned since our elementary days, that humankind needs four basic elements for survival: food, water, air, and shelter.  Cleaning products are essential in maintaining one of those four basic elements for survival – “shelter.”  So basically speaking, everyone needs cleaning products, which makes cleaning products a very possible right fit for private labeling!

various sizes of containers for private labeling all natural cleaning products

Why are all-natural cleaning products the right fit for private labeling? 

Extensive research has been done on chemical cleaners and their effects on people, especially as it relates to respiratory issues and illnesses.  Conclusions are being made encouraging consumers and those in the cleaning industry, to switch to all-natural cleaning products.  As findings show that prolonged exposure to chemical cleaning products can lead to long-term health problems. 

All-natural cleaning products are a very safe bet for private labeling as they do not pose the same health risks to the consumer as standard, chemical cleaners pose.  Be aware, however, that not all “natural cleaners” are “all-natural cleaners!”  Read ingredient listings and have candid discussions with the manufacturer you are interested in private labeling with in order to determine if their cleaning products are 100% all-natural, and plant-based cleaners!

Consumers are seeking out cleaning products that are safe for their families, pets and the environment.  Cleaning products that are environmentally safe are those which emphasize sustainability and are marine-safe.  Read the Warnings/Cautions and you will get an idea of which are safe or not.  HG Laboratories’ all-natural cleaning products are safe for people, pets and planet!  No need to wear gloves or be in a well-ventilated room when using the products. 

Why chose HG Laboratories as your private label manufacturer of cleaning products.  

Experienced manufacturer.

HG Laboratories a manufacturer of all natural cleaning products for commercial and industrial markets since 1986 and still going strong!  A chosen supplier for many green cleaning companies, Whole Food Markets, and zero waste, refill store businesses.  HG Laboratories’ experienced R&D team continues to formulate new products as the demand grows!

Exceptional products.

HG Laboratories’ all-natural cleaning products have been rigorously tested by third-party testing and received very high ratings for green cleaning products!  From coast to coast, HG Labs’ sustainable cleaning products are purchased.  Proudly Sourced and Made in the USA!  100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Extraordinary service.

HG Laboratories is the right fit for your private label needs -it’s our specialty! You’ll receive real conversations with real people because YOU matter! We value relationships.  With HG Laboratories, you’re not a number, you’re like family!  We seek to understand your business vision and work to provide you with the best product package for your needs. 

We offer full-time technical support, very reasonable MOQs (minimum order quantities), wholesale pricing and NO contracts.  Order at your pace. We like to think we’ve got the corner on custom-ability!

What type of “store” do you want to open? What types of businesses are private labeling cleaning products?  Our top clients for private labeling are:

1.) Cleaning businesses switching to all natural cleaning products, wanting to expand their brand by offering the products they use from HG Laboratories to their customers for in-between cleaning schedules. 

cartoon drawing of various sizes and styles of containers for use in refill zero waste shops

2.) Refill, zero-waste shops desiring sustainable, all-natural products in bulk packaging (5 gallon and 55 gallon drums -yes 55 gallon drums!).

3.) Retail businesses who desire to expand their product line by offering all-natural household cleaners.

If you have a passion for people and the planet and want to offer healthy, sustainable cleaning products, then HG Laboratories may be the right fit for your private label needs!

Private label and white label, isn’t that the same thing?  While many people interchange the two terms there is a difference.  For the bonus round:  private labeling allows for product custom-ability whereas white label does not. Private labeling gives business owners a greater say in product development thus creating a bolder brand awareness, strengthening their niche presence.

White labeling is more restrictive for business owners, as it, in essence, allows for only branding and packaging changes to be made and not product formulation changes.  White labeling is often found in large retail chains whereas private labeling is found in more specialty shops and industries.

To recap, private labeling all natural cleaning products is one of the most sought-after types of products for private labeling.  Choose HG Laboratories, a manufacturer with experience in producing proven quality, all-natural cleaning products and you’ll discover why HG Laboratories is the right fit for your private label needs!

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