Four Pillars for an Eco-Friendly Clean and Organized Home

A permanently organized home is built on four pillars beginning with the foundation of eco-friendly cleaning. These pillars will help you maintain an organized home, freeing you to accomplish what matters most!

Four Pillars Summary

  • Get Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products as your Staple Cleaners.
  • Identify “Why?” Why do you need to organize your home for permanency?
  • Identify “What?” What is your bottom line?
  • Identify “How?” How will you organize your home? Develop a strategy.
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Pillar One: Get Eco-friendly cleaning products as your staple cleaning line-up.

It is foundational to clean your home with eco-friendly, all-natural household cleanig products that are safe for your family, pets, and the environment. Brightly Green Cleaning Products deliver the safety and effectiveness you want in household cleaners! This is the foundation for an organized home environment. Get pillar set and the other three pillars for an eco friendly clean and organized home are on track!

Your home is your castle, and your pets are family, why compromise the health of your family with chemical-laden cleaners known to have harmful effects on people and pets? No thank you!

Is it your strong belief to reduce wasteful packaging? Open a Brightly Green Wholesale Account and begin purchasing eco-friendly products in concentrates and in bulk sizes where you can save on unnecessary packaging and save cash!

Pillar Two: Identity “Why?” Why do you need to organize?

Ask yourself the following “Why questions:

  • Why can’t I seem to get a handle on my stuff?
    • Why do I find myself repeating the process of organizing over and over?

    I asked myself the questions above and uncovered the following realization, I was swapping stuff from one location to another in the name of “organizing” which did not ultimately solve my organization problems. What I was doing served only to act as a band-aid for organizing. I needed a more permanent solution for an organized home. Upon achieving this, I can easily give my home an eco-friendly cleaning.

    Pillar Three: Identify “What?” What is your bottom line? What are the criteria by which you keep rather than remove items in your home?

    If an object does not meet your bottom-line standard, then it must go.

    An effective rule I use in my home is this: What I keep in my home must serve a purpose. This is my bottom line; my standard for decluttering and organizing. Period.

    Identifying your “what,” will help your home/office stay organized. After all, with the expenditure of time and effort you put into minimizing and organizing you won’t want to repeat the process in a month or two. While fine-tuning may be necessary, complete organizing overhauls can be avoided.

    For the most thorough minimizing (in preparing for organizing), you need to handle every item in the room/space where you plan to organize. Every item needs to be tested for its worth, which is why it is vital to physically handle each item.

    Some objects did not have an easy, “yes” or “no” answer for my bottom line When those challenges arise for you, and they will, I suggest the following questions be used as a further filter:

    • Is this item serving a current purpose?
    • Is that purpose truly necessary/relevant for how I am living today, in this season of life?
    • Would I truly miss this item in I got rid of it?
    • What could I use in place of this item?

    The “Current Purpose” question I use for household decor, and holiday decorations that have been in my home for years, but do not necessarily fit with my current style of decor. Therefore, these objects do not serve a current purpose.

    The “Is it necessary/relevant” question helps sort out unnecessary duplicate items, especially kitchen utensils and clothing. You know, the potato masher that you keep to test your drawer-opening skills!

    The “would I truly miss it” question fits the “but I might need it” items you can’t quite seem to release. My test is this: if I have not used that item in a long time, chances are pretty favorable that I would not miss it.

    boy hand washing a cup with eco friendly cleaner

    The “what could I use in place of” question helps determine the need for extra kitchen appliances. Which appliances can perform double duty? An electric hand mixer can whip up cake batter as well as whip up mashed potatoes! Organized kitchens make green cleaning countertops a breeze!

    I will confess I still have some items that I have not been able to relinquish as they have deep sentimental meaning to me. However, I am making progress in that area. I went from four boxes down to two boxes of sentimental items.

    A suggestion for further encouragement/inspiration is to read articles by practicing minimalists. One of my favorites is Joshua Becker of “Becoming Minimalist.” I find him to be very practical, and straightforward, covering a wide range of angles regarding decluttering and organizing. You will learn more how-tos on permanently organizing your home.

    Pillar Four: Identify your “How?” How will you organize? Develop a strategy.

    A strategy that works for me (and may for you) is to organize items for ease of use and function.

    This is an organizational strategy, one in which your home/office will have the best chance of staying organized. After all, the expenditure of time and effort you’ve put in this far, you won’t want to repeat the process in a month or two. While there may be fine-tuning you do, you won’t have to do complete overhauls.

    Ease of use and function example: put everyday plates and cups on easy access shelves in your cupboard while keeping special glass serving bowls on harder-to-reach shelves.

    How might decor fit within the idea of “use and function”? I see decor as a function, which is to make a home pleasant, peaceful, and inviting.

    An organized home is a home that is easier to keep clean and tidy. Eco-friendly household cleaning products are one of the four foundational pillars for a healthy organized home environment. Organizing your home or office can be accomplished when you thoughtfully examine; 1) Why you need to organize. 2.) What items stay or go 3.) How to organize in a purposeful way, and resting on the bedrock foundation of using eco-friendly all-natural household cleaning products.

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