Natural Cleaners: Better Products for a Better Earth

What types of cleaning products make for a Better Earth?

How will these cleaning products benefit me and my home?

All natural, sustainable cleaning products are better for the earth and also benefit your home as these products are safe for people, pets, and the environment. Let’s dive into the details…

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Products for a Better Earth are Firstly Sustainable Products.

Sustainable products do not deplete Earth’s resources. Sustainable products reproduce themselves such as plants. Sustainable cleaning products are earth-friendly, as they do not deplete natural resources. Sustainably sourced ingredients have been studied and found to be especially safe for those who have chronic respiratory illnesses.

Products for a Better Earth are Secondly Marine & Aquatic Safe Products.

Why is it important that products be safe for marine and aquatic life? Because our products, especially cleaning products will come into contact with waterways in some fashion. Take for instance a septic tank, there are natural bacteria living in the septic tank. If that tank was introduced to harsh chemicals, the bacteria would be killed off and the tank, over time, would not be able to reduce waste naturally. This would result in one of two scenarios; 1.) a backed-up septic resulting in waste elimination problems/hazards, 2.) more frequent pumping of the septic tank and contents would most likely be hazardous to the disposal environment.

Our waste waters find themselves in water treatment centers and do, to some degree, end up in streams and rivers. Brightly Green’s sustainably sourced cleaning products do not kill marine organisms, making them safe near all aquatic settings.

Four Benefits of Natural Cleaning Products in the Home.

One: All Natural Cleaning products do not pose respiratory warnings as their chemical-laden counterparts. The majority of individuals do not have allergies to corn (ethyl alcohol), coconut products (capryly/capryl glucoside), tea tree oil (melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil) and lavender essential oil. (All these ingredients listed can be found in Brightly Green products.)

There is a growing body of evidence that supports evidence stating harmful respiratory and even reproductive harm from chemicals such as: phylalates, triclosan, butxyethanol, QUATS, and more. One large culprit for respiratory challenges, that tries to stay under the rada,r is the term “fragrance.” Even cleaning products that claim to be natural, often have fragrances that contain a cocktail of unhealthy chemicals.

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Two: All Natural cleaning products are safe around children. Too many cleaning products on the market state real dangers to children if they come in contact with the cleaners, whether through consumption or physical contact on skin. Brightly Green Cleaners are so safe, that the “Warning” on the labesl are really a Caution. Eyes may get irritated if a Brightly Green product gets in the eyes. Of course, no cleaning product ever made is recommended for a child to consume.

Three: All natural cleaning products are safe around pets. Like small children, pets’ mouths touch surfaces in the home, therefore it is very important to use cleaning products that will not harm cats, dogs, fish, or any other creature you have as a pet. Brightly Green Cleaning products are safe around pets; we love our pets and want them just as safe as you want your pets to be!

Four: All natural cleaning products are safe for your indoor air quality. This benefit goes back to respiratory health. There have been many studies done that indicate indoor air quality as being more toxic than outdoor air quality. This would make sense when considering two factors: 1.) most of the time our windows are shut. 2.) the majority of homes are still cleaned with chemical products. Have you recently read the warning labels on your cleaning products? I encourage you to pause from reading this post, go pull out your cleaning products and read the warning labels. Education is the first step in making positive changes! (Bathroom cleaners quite often say to use in a well-ventilated room. That would seem to suggest that the contents are not healthy to inhale- wouldn’t you surmise?)

Which products are safe for a better you and a better earth?

All-natural, sustainably sourced cleaning products such as Brightly Green Cleaners! Whether for your home or office Brightly Green Cleaners is THE choice for Better Products for a Better Earth!

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