Your 2022 New Year Cleaning Inspiration

The beginning of a New Year is the perfect time for some good old cleaning inspiration! No, this is NOT a New Year’s Resolution Checklist, this is a do-it-right-now and be done with it! Why wait for Spring to begin decluttering and cleaning? Here’s how you can get inspired to clean those not-so-fun areas in the beginning of the New Year. Give yourself a Big Win on your To-Do in 2022!

The Big Picture:

New Year Cleaning Inspiration Tip #1:

Organize your holiday décor like a pro.

I have a friend who I tease from time to time as she and I are the opposite when it comes to decorating our homes. I lean toward being a minimalist and she is a maximalist, though I must hand it to her; she pulls it off in a very tasteful fashion.  With that being said, she loves to go all out in decorating for Christmas.  In fact, my friend puts up a Christmas tree in every room in her home!  When it comes to the teardown (which is quite a big deal), she has a great system that saves time and energy for anyone! Read her master, maximalist tips below.

New Year Cleaning Inspiration Tip #2:

Create daily green cleaning habits.

Fresh clean spaces not only are good for our physical health and safety but also daily cleaning habits boost mental health!  Keep reading for cleaning habits that stick, plus choosing the right green cleaning products!

New Year Cleaning Inspiration Tip #3:

Declutter what you’re fed up with.

This week, if not right now, declutter that space that has been driving you crazy! You put it off last year -no more!  Seize the Day and be done with it!  Make this source of perpetual dissatisfaction and frustration go away-for good! Speed decluttering tips below.

Ok, now that you’ve got the Big Picture, let’s dive in…

Master Holiday Decorator Tips

1. Take a picture of the decorations while they are up.  These pictures are your source for replication of the design you’ve created.

2. Clearly label boxes/totes. Mark them by room/location/and number. 
For example:  living room/mantle/box 1 of 2

3.) If you didn’t use an item this year, consider donating it to a local charity.

Daily Cleaning Habits that Will Stick

1.) Begin with the right, green cleaning products for the safety of your home/office.

2.) Let your natural cadence, rhythmic flow, be your guide.

Early risers/late-night-ers take advantage of your natural pattern and clean during that period.

3.) Clean “as you do life.”

Take a shower: spray Brightly Green Daily Shower Cleaner on the shower walls and tub surround. 

Brush your teeth: spray the countertop with Brightly Green Bathroom Cleaner and wipe with a handy clean rag, toss in a laundry basket and your countertop is clean and germs are wiped off!

Prepare dinner: clean up countertops with Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner or Brightly Green Granite & Tile Cleaner.  Wash up the remaining dishes with Brightly Green Hand Dish Wash. 

4.) Reset your home.  Every evening -pick up and tidy your living/family room and make sure kitchen countertops are clean and cleared.  No one likes to wake up to dirty dishes.

Navigating through the winter months is when we need the greatest mental boost! Winter months are also the time when the greatest possibility of illness occurs.  Being in closer proximity with others poses a greater health risk, therefore, keeping household surfaces clean and germ-free is paramount.

With such a high need for clean spaces, don’t settle for any “green cleaner.”  Brightly Green cleaning products are vegan-friendly, sustainable, and completely all-natural, proudly Made in the USA! Brightly Green is your go-to for wholesale eco-friendly cleaning products.

Decluttering what you’re fed up with.

1.) Set the time: Carve out an afternoon, day, evening, whatever realistic amount of time you think you need to conquer this beast and get-r-done!

2.) Three labeled boxes (to start with): “Discard.”  “Donate.”  “Keep.”

Discard:  for the trash or recycle bin

Donate: to give to charity

Keep:  stays in the home/office

3.) No “Maybe” box.  It is either staying or going. Period.  This is an area in your home that has been driving you crazy, so don’t hold back!  When you’re finished, you will feel so recharged!

4.) Stay clear from future clutter.  Be ruthless in what you allow to stay in this space.

5.) Containerize what remains.  This will keep clutter from creeping back in plus it will make eco-friendly cleaning the area a snap!

May these inspirational New Year Cleaning Tips get you fired up and ready to conquer your holiday cleanup and fuel you to tackle the area in your home that you’ve been fed up with.  Don’t forget to clean those spaces in the best, wholesale green cleaning products -Brightly Green!