4 Reasons Brightly Green Wholesale Cleaners Work for Refill Shops

Why should refill shops choose Brightly Green Wholesale Cleaners?

These four reasons: 1.) sustainably sourced products, 2.) Bulk wholesale sizes for customer bottle refilling, 3.) Recyclable containers, 4.) Zero waste minded, are all reasons why refill shops should choose Brightly Green wholesale cleaners. 

four tier pyramid describing reasons refill shops should consider choosing Brightly Green household cleaning products

Let’s take a deeper dive…


Brightly Green wholesale household cleaners are sustainably sourced. Sustainably sourced products are a step above natural products.  Why?

Ingredient Sourcing: Sustainable vs natural

Sustainably sourced= ingredients that are derived from plants.

Plants are renewable therefore they are sustainable; plants can be harvested every year and thus provide renewable sourcing for ingredients.

Naturally sourced= ingredients that are sourced via mining. (And plant-based).

Mined raw materials for example are soda ash (baking soda) and petroleum-based products.  These products are not reproducible and therefore are not renewable (sustainable). 

(Side-bar discussion on vinegar as a DIY cleaner).

Vinegar is a sustainable, natural raw ingredient used in DIY cleaning products; however, it is not a safe product as it harms stone, tile, and grout.  Why?

The acidic nature of vinegar will over time etch away natural stone surfaces and grout.

True Story:

Autumn T. -green cleaning business owner in GA. shared the following:

I made an initial cleaning assessment in a prestigious home in the city my business is established in, and I was shocked to see the grout eroding in their high-end marble master bath.  I inquired to find out what was going on and the homeowner said she was using vinegar to clean her shower walls.  That had to change!

Autumn has re-educated many clients as to the harmful effects vinegar has on stone surfaces and grout. 

Granite’s popularity as a countertop surface and durability, make it seem invisible to damage, however, the acidity of vinegar and the fact that it is a liquid, makes it easy to get into even the tiniest pores of granite and other stone surfaces.  Vinegar can especially eat away at grout.  Vinegar burns when it encounters eyes.  It also should not be used by children as they could be harmed by swallowing vinegar or again, getting it in their eyes.

Choosing a sustainable, natural cleaner for granite and stone is the clear choice.  Afterall, your investment is worth preserving!  Not all surfaces in a home or office should be routinely cleaned with the same product.  While a multi-purpose cleaner is great for quick jobs, it is best to go with a sustainable, all natural product formulated specifically for the surface to be cleaned. 

(Check out our next post: “Q and A Discussion” with Brightly Green’s head formulator/chemist for more insights into the optimal, performance cleaning qualities of Brightly Green products!)

various container packaging options to hold Brightly Green all natural cleaning products for refill, zero waste stores

Reason Two: REUSABLE/REFILLABLE – Reducing Single Use Packaging

Brightly Green wholesale household cleaners come in bulk sizes; perfectly aligning with BYOC customers at refill shops! Customers get a Win-Win when they can reuse their own containers and fill them with vegan friendly household cleaning products!

Reusable and refillable containers are a trend that is thankfully, not going away!

The rise of refill and zero waste stores, whether online only, brick and mortar, pop-up shops, etc. point toward consumers’ increased awareness and demand for reusing containers. This is very positive for our global environment as it means less waste and packaging ending up in landfills and waterways. 

Reusable and refillable containers keep consumers shopping locally.  This is a huge benefit for local economies and the building of community relationships! While it may seem as if one family unit that engages in refilling containers is insignificant, it is not!  The numbers add up and over time reusing and refilling containers with sustainable household cleaners will become a generational shift in purchasing habits. 

Which BYOC is best?  Plastic or Glass?

When it comes to choosing what type of containers should be used for refilling products; glass and plastic are battling it out as to which is the best.  Plastic packaging, shamed upon by many groups, however, has an overall environmental impact when compared to glass, which may surprise you!

Energy required in manufacturing:

Glass: takes an immense amount of energy to fire up the furnaces to melt the sand into a liquid- forming glass

Plastic: takes a lot of energy to manufacture the products into plastic forms, but not as much energy output as required to manufacture glass

Energy used in transportation:

Glass: more energy consumption, as glass is heavier and requires more fuel for transport.  Glass containers also require additional packaging to protect from breakage.

Plastic:  less energy consumption, because plastic is considerably lighter in weight than glass, it requires less fuel for transport. Plastic containers do not require much, if any additional packaging for transport.

We, at Brightly Green, are often asked if we fill all-natural household cleaners for wholesale in glass bottles.  While we can (and have) filled wholesale orders in glass bottles, we have found plastic, BPA free and recyclable bottles to be the best option when it comes to shipping products.

Reason Three:  RECYCLE

Brightly Green’s containers are all recyclable, from 4oz bottles to 275 gallon tote containers! 

It has been stated that plastics can be recycled 2-3 times before they are no longer recyclable.  Glass containers can be recycled multiple times.

End of life cycle comparison:

Glass:  If it were to be in a landfill, it would not leach chemicals into the environment.

Plastic:  If it were to be in a landfill plastic may leach into the environment.

Refill shop owners may return their cleaned and emptied Brightly Green 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes to our manufacturing facility for reuse.  Contact us for details!

various alternative bags, jars and dispensing units depicting what you would find in a zero waste store

Reason Four:  ZERO WASTE

Brightly Green understands the zero waste vision.

Brightly Green’s wholesale, bulk, sustainable household cleaners supply refill shops with safe, natural, and non-toxic products in less packaging, keeping in step with zero waste store owners’ vision for reducing waste.

Zero waste is the pinnacle of waste reduction.  While not yet possible to accomplish, it should not be considered hopeless as any step toward waste reduction is a step in the right direction!   

Great gains were being made prior to the global pandemic, and then single use plastics flooded the economy as restaurants closed dine-in and take-out was the new norm.  The marketplace in general was wary of bulk produce handling and packaging came back in force.

It is encouraging to see a stronger come-back in reusing containers and reducing wasteful single use plastics. 

Wrapping up…

There is no better time than the present to begin your zero waste, refill shop business, and begin building community connectedness through offering sustainable, household goods! May these four reasons Brightly Green wholesale cleaners work for refill shops inspire you to take your refill, zero waste business dream into a reality!