Are Disinfecting Wipes Safe for Pets?

In short, No- disinfecting wipes aren’t safe for pets. In fact the wipes can be lethal for your pets.

Disinfecting wipes pose serious safety issues for our furry friends.

Guest Post: Breanna Ferriell

Do you have a pet? Congratulations, according to AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) so do over 134 million households in America including yourself. We all love and adore our pets. We want the best for them because they deserve it and give us so much love. Therefore, we give them the best veterinary care, the best dog/cat food we can find and make sure they get enough exercise. However, we don’t really pay attention to how our cleaning products affect our furry friends.

I know of someone that cleaned their home’s surfaces with disinfecting wipes. A common product for pretty much every home, right? Well, come to find out the disinfecting wipes she was using to sanitize her house caused the death of her beloved cat. When in conversation with her vet about the death of the cat she found out that disinfecting wipes have phenol. Which causes kidney/liver failure. When the cat licked its paws, it was licking the phenol which inevitably led to the death of the cat. I know what you’re thinking…. “Oh my gosh, who knew this could happen. That’s so terrible.” Yes, it is a tragedy, luckily, there is a very easy, simple solution.

Using all-natural cleaning products will not only keep your fun-loving pets safe, but also your family and the environment. Germs are lifted off surfaces when using Brightly Green’s vegan friendly cleaning products eliminating the need for harmful disinfecting wipes. Our ingredients are 100% natural and sustainable. We leave no room for toxic ingredients, and neither should you.

The number one reason for accidental deaths in dogs is poisoning. My friend is not the only one who has had to experience this tragedy. According to the article, accidental poisoning can happen through, “pills, plants, food, chemicals etc.” We want our pets healthy and safe. Therefore, by eliminating unnecessary chemicals from our homes we reduce the risk of our pets being harmed by them.

Disinfectant wipes are thought to be the only way to stop germs on multi surfaces. However, germ removal can be performed with a natural, multi-purpose cleaner like Brightly Green. used for multi-surfaces. Using them on countertops, remote controls, spills on the floor, etc. These wipes are convenient, but not at the expense of your pet’s life. Brightly Green plant-based components, no harsh chemicals or vapors and is 100% biodegradable and Earth-friendly.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people know about phenol in disinfecting wipes, which who would blame someone for not knowing? As consumers, we often trust and don’t think twice about what products we are using given the clever marketing of big-name brands. We trust that they have our best interests in mind when creating their products. However, as seen from my friend’s story that is not the case. That is why we need to reexamine the products that we are buying to ensure the safety of ourselves and the people/pets we love.

Brightly Green offers a variety of cleaning products that ensure the safety of you, your family, and pets. Their biggest seller in the Multi-Purpose Cleaner which can be used on many surfaces. They also carry Granite and Tile Cleaner, All-Purpose Degreaser, Stainless-Steel Cleaner and many more ecofriendly products.

Let’s work together to keep our pets and family safe from harsh, unnecessary chemicals. Brightly Green is dedicated to providing sustainable cleaning products and values what you value-including your beloved pets.

While keeping our beloved four-legged animals safe, remember that young children are also at a health risk when it comes to disinfecting wipes. Toddlers and infants are prone to putting anything they can get their hands on, into their mouths, and therefore are at risk of ingesting harmful chemicals. Your home can be safely cleaned without the need for disinfecting wipes and associated disinfecting products. Eco friendly, non toxic household cleaners are just a click away!

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