Four Must Have Green Cleaning Products for College Students

What are the best eco friendly green cleaning products for healthy dorm life?

With the prospect of universities and colleges reopening for face-to-face learning in the Fall 2021-2022 semester, the importance of green cleaning products for a healthy dorm environment is essential.

Brightly Green interviewed a junior in college to get the inside scoop.  Here are her top choices followed with reasons how Brightly Green products have helped save her time and financial resources, which we all know is a big deal!

1.)  Brightly Green All-Natural Laundry Wash:  Extend the life of your clothes!  Choosing Brightly Green Laundry Wash, 100% all-natural and sustainable detergent helps the fibers in clothing hold up better and therefore your clothes last longer!  In addition, Brightly Green Laundry Wash is safe for our sensitive eco systems.

2.)  Brightly Green Laundry Stain Pre-Treat:  Stains happen so choosing an all-natural stain-fighter is the right choice!  Stains come out and cloth fibers remain strong and intact.

3.)  Brightly Green All-Natural Dish Wash:  Whether your college student will be living in the dorms or not, he/she will have occasional dishes to wash.  Studying for tests and late-night snacking seem to go hand in hand.  Send them to school with the right eco friendly dish wash; all natural Brightly Green Dish Wash.

4.) Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner:  Why?  “Multi-Purpose” says it all.  Green clean living quarters with non toxic Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner.  Dorm rooms are small and off campus housing isn’t much larger, keep the chemicals out of dorm residences and apartments by choosing only non-toxic, all natural Brightly Green Cleaners.  

Coming from an interview with a college junior, with a couple years under her belt. She has found these four Brightly Green Cleaning Products to be essential because:

  • Brightly Green’s All-Natural Laundry Wash and Stain Pre-Treat throughout the school year has made a difference not only in the environment, but also in reducing the time spent doing her weekly laundry washes.
  • Brightly Green’s All-Natural Laundry detergent has saved her countless hours of rewashing so that she can focus on her studies. Saving the environment, her time, and grades.
  • Brightly Green’s Dish Wash has proved to be an essential asset knowing that her dishes are not being cleaning with toxic ingredients. 
  • Brightly Green’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a MUST for any busy college student, always on the go. With limited time to do deep clean spilled coffee on the desk and dust on the bookshelf. One easy wipe and Wala all clean.
  • Bonus: not only are the products easy and effective to use, but the essential oils infused in them leave the room smelling fresh.
  • The Take Away: Your beloved college student can get back to what’s important, making those grades and building a memorable college experience!
  • Brightly Green Cleaners = Perfect High School Eco Friendly Graduation Gift:

The Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020 changed the way we view cleaning ourselves and our environments.  Make sure your student goes back to college (or off to college for the first time), with safe, natural green cleaning products