Vegan Cleaning Products Excel School Performance and Mental Health

How can vegan cleaning products produce positive school performance and mental health?

Why is the use of safe, vegan cleaning products paired with a minimalist lifestyle the best practices in maintaining a clutter free, healthy environment for school performance and mental health? 

Poor indoor environmental conditions may cause allergic reactions and increases physical issues that cause a lack of ability to study. Using vegan cleaning products poses no harm to people nor the environment.


Research studies on clutter reveal two over-arching factors:
1.) Clutter restricts the ability for focus.
2.) Clutter leads to higher stress and anxiety.

Eco friendly, vegan cleaning products are the best sources for household cleaning.
1.) Chemical cleaners have toxins that are harmful for people, and the environment.
2.) Eco friendly, non toxic cleaning products are safe, child friendly.
3.) Children gain confidence in completing routine chores, resulting in improved mental health and improved school performance.

Simplified home environments are easier to maintain; keeping them clutter free. A minimalist room and a repurposed, goal oriented area gives your student a positive understanding of their environment.
1.) Less objects = less to pick up.
2.) Less objects = faster cleanup.
3.) Less to pick up and clean = less distractions.

*Bonus material for college bound students at the end!

Let’s take a deeper dive into these finding and come out with positive steps you can take that will enhance your child’s school performance and mental health through: plant-based, sustainable cleaning and kid friendly manageable systems!

Clutter restricts the ability to focus.

If objects in a room aren’t doing anything but sitting there, why does that make a difference in a student’s ability to concentrate?

clutter filled child's bedroom in a state of chaos
The Why:

In nuts and bolts is a matter of the central nervous system transforming visual stimuli into thoughts and actions.  So, for example:  your eyes see objects in the room and your brain wants you to ‘do something’ with what you see; either think about the object and contemplate what you like about it/what it means to you, or your brain want you to take an action; do something with that object. This happens almost subconsciously; it occurs in the tiniest of distractions.  

The Results:

Objects in a room compete with your brain for attention. If there are multiple objects in a room (clutter), the greater the distractions. This “competition” leads to the inability for the brain to process information which results in decreased focus and productivity.  

According to a Harvard University study, findings revealed that students took 1.5 times longer to finish their work (schoolwork) in cluttered spaces.

Research conclusions were strong, if you want the best focus possible for effective productivity clear the clutter from your home and work environment.

Clutter leads to higher stress and anxiety.

The Why:

Multiple objects (in a given space) overstimulate the brain. Here again it is a matter of the objects vying for attention. Clutter’s overstimulating nature leads to a sense of overwhelm which in turn acts as a shutdown.  It can immobilize rather than be a “call to action.”  

The Results:

Clutter manifests itself through stress and anxiety.  The overstimulation of objects coupled with schoolwork deadlines creates pent up stressors and can lead to outbursts of anger, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of proper sleep.  Anxiety can set in and lead to the same behaviors as well as to depression and withdrawal.  A lack of self-control rolls over into a lack of self-esteem and a poor mental state begins to take up residence.  

We all know that last years’ school experience was flipped on its head, due to Covid-19 and the mass shutdowns.  This academic year is not back to normal. As a parent, what can you do to alleviate some of the stressors and help your child’s school performance be stronger?  

Besides the mantra of eat healthy and get proper sleep, keep the home clutter free.

Sustainable, vegan cleaning products vs toxic (chemical cleaners):

Chemical-based cleaners are harmful for people.

To safeguard loved ones, be sure you are not cooking up a toxic household cleaning cocktail. Clean homes do not require strong chemicals to combat germs. Let me say that again. Clean homes do not require strong chemicals to combat germs. For decades we, as a culture, have bought into the belief that chemicals clean; end of story.

Research from the American Lung Association and many independent sources have shown otherwise. It has been cited that chemical cleaning products are posing risks to the respiratory system and interfering with hormones.

Eco friendly cleaners are safe, non toxic for people, pets and the environment.

To protect our families and prevent the spread of germs and illness, we need to be sure the household cleaning products we are using are not poisonous! This is where Brightly Green comes. Nature has powerful cleaning agents within itself! Vegan cleaning products can lift germs from surfaces. Brightly Green has sustainable, all-natural products to lift germs from any surface in your home effectively! Brightly Green products are a safe choice to naturally and effectively clean your home.

Brightly Green has solutions for home and industry.
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little girl cleans window

Children gain confidence in completing routine chores, resulting in improved mental health and improved school performance.

Dr. Tamar Chansky, psychologist and author of several books including “Freeing Your Child from Anxiety” points to a *study published by the University of Minnesota, which found that giving children household chores at an early age “helps to build a lasting sense of mastery, responsibility and self-reliance.” The study, which followed over 80 children throughout their life, found that kids who started doing chores early (at about age 3 or 4) were more likely to have good relationships with friends and family, as well as academic success and eventually success in their careers when compared with those who didn’t have chores as young kids.

Sounds like positive mental health benefits too!

Brightly Green eco friendly cleaners are vegan, kid safe, non toxic cleaners, making them the perfect household cleaners for the life-building skills chores give children. The earlier you start, the better. Children as young as toddlers can begin simple tasks such as picking up their toys. There are many age-appropriate chores children can accomplish on their own, freeing up parents to handle what adults need to do.  Plant-based, natural cleaners take the worry out of the picture as they are chemical-free and safe for kids, pets and the environment!

Best practices for maintaining a clutter free environment for successful learning & optimal mental health.

The most important clutter free area for your child are the bedroom and study area (if not in the child’s bedroom).
simplified, minimalist bedroom conducive  for study and rest

As previously stated, clutter restricts the ability to focus and leads to higher stress and anxiety.

This should be the driving force behind quieting a room; freeing it from distractions so your child can focus clearly and peacefully.

“Put it all on the table.”

This first step will make the room look like a cyclone went through, but hang on, it is a very important first step!

Sort Clothing:

Take all the clothes out of the dressers/closets and sort.  Determine what fits and what doesn’t.  (It would be a good idea to take notes so you know what school shopping you need to do.)

Donate items that no longer fit your child or hand them down to younger siblings.

The Give Back principle is a great lesson to teach your child and it demonstrates environmental responsibility; we don’t throw out what someone else can use and repurpose.

Green clean the space.

Before putting clothes back in dresser/closets…

Green clean the drawers, inside and out with a non-toxic, natural cleaner. I don’t know how it gets there, but dust builds up in the corners of drawers. Brightly Green Wood Floor Cleaner or Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner are great eco friendly choices for sustainable household cleaning!  Teach your child how to spray the rag and wipe down the surfaces.

Simplify to easily maintain.

Create a kid-friendly system to maintain clothing stays where it needs to be:

Arrange your child’s clothing in such a way that it is very simple and easy for him/her to put their own clothes away and be able to easily pull-out clothes to put on for the next day. 

Organizational experts highly recommend picture labels on drawers and totes or cubes.

Key Tip:

The more manageable and kid-friendly the system is, the more success your child will have in keeping the space clutter free!  Remember, this will help your child’s school performance and mental health!  So hang in there, you can do it!

Sort Toys/Books:

Follow the same procedure as you did with the clothes.  Everything gets put in a pile or piles and then sorted.  Discard broken toys and recycle toys through donation. 

Key Tip:

Now would be the perfect time to wash the toys to remove germs and dirt.  For submergible toys, fill the bathtub a few inches deep with warm water, adding Brightly Green Hand Dish Wash to the water.  Then, with supervision, let your child wash his toys. Allow the toys to air dry on a bath or beach towel. For toys that are not submergible, spray Brightly Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner on a clean dampened rag and wipe the toys down. 

Create kid-friendly system for toy management. 

Here again, the goal is for your child to put away the toys in places that he can easily access as well as easily keep the room tidy.  Cubby storage units with pull-out labeled crates work best for children.  

Key Tip:

If your child has more toys than are manageable, many organizational experts and minimalist sources recommend boxing up some of the toys (not the favorites) and put them in a separate area of your home for safekeeping.  In a couple of months, swap out some of the toys currently in their bedroom with those that were kept in storage.  You’ll be surprised how excited your child will be with the “new” toys.  

Sort School and Craft/Hobby Supplies:

Follow the same procedures as you did for the clothes and toys/books.

Key Tip:

Take note of school supplies needed for this new academic year.  If you child outgrew his backpack, donate last year’s school backpack to a local program in need of them, or contact your local school district to guide you where to go. 

Choose zero waste options when it comes to packing lunches and school supplies.  Opt for reusable lunch containers and recyclable pencils, and other products made from sustainable sources.  Clean containers and lunch box with sustainable, natural dish wash.

The end goal is the creation a space that is eco friendly, clutter free, and maintainable by your child for the benefit of his/her school performance and mental health.  

Here’s to a successful school year for your child and you!

*Are you a college-bound student or the parent of one?  Away from home students can be sustainably minded and minimalistic in campus residences.  View recommended dorm essentials from a current university student. 

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